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James and Son Conditioner 20kg

James & Son Conditioner 20kg


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Feeding Guide for Conditioner:

Horses requiring optimal body condition or to improve weight gain can be fed up to 4 kg of Conditioner per day, in conjunction with a minimum of 1 % of body weight of good quality pasture, hay and/or chaff.
Where weight gain is required, access to pasture and/or hay should be unlimited.
Introduce Conditioner into the diet slowly over 7 to 14 days.
Ensure all horses have access to clean and fresh water.
Feed conditioner by weight, not volume.
If feeding more than 0.5% of Conditioner plus other grains per day, divide the total daily amount into two or more equal feeds.
The feeding rates of Conditioner are provided as a guide only. The actual amount fed should be adjusted according to the horses current work load, temperament, body condition, climate and weight gain requirements.
Do not add additional vitamins/minerals without veterinary consultation.
Ideal complete feed for young, senior, performance or pleasure horses.
For further dietary and nutritional advice please contact James & Son, Premium Horse Feed.

Formulated and recommended for horses :

In equine sport and performance.
In competition and show preparation.
With little access to quality pasture.
Under a strenuous work regime.

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